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About Us

We would like to thank you for visiting Alley Cat Lounge. We realize you have hundreds of choices, and we are thrilled that you have picked our lounge.

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Gathering to partake in libations and camaraderie is a cherished human tradition, enduring through periods of adversity like economic hardship and war.


Savannah has long welcomed visitors with open arms, embodying the timeless tradition of Southern hospitality. At the Alley Cat Lounge, we are honored to continue this legacy, striving to offer the utmost quality and freshness in every aspect of our service. Just as our artisans pour their dedication into crafting fine libations, we are equally committed to fostering genuine connections and providing exceptional hospitality.


We believe in more than just serving drinks; we are in the business of creating memorable experiences. Our drinks, ambiance, music, and setting are all carefully curated to enhance your moment and create lasting memories. So, please, relax, be yourself, reconnect with old friends or make new ones, and share in the joys and sorrows of life. Whether celebrating triumphs, overcoming setbacks, or simply replenishing your spirit, let this be your sanctuary.


Our only wish is for you to leave our establishment happier and more fulfilled than when you arrived.


- Alleycat Lounge

Vanessa Cruz

Definitely worth the visit! I loved that the bartenders were knowledgeable enough to craft something personalized. 
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